Implementation of the Winding up Process

The Punjab Government had decided to close down six PSUs namely PFNC (Yoc-1991) PUNTEX (Yoc-1991), KNITWEAR (Yoc-1997), LEATHERA (Yoc-1999), PUNWAC(Yoc-2001) and PPDC(Yoc-2001). Even though two of the Corporations were closed nearly a decade ago, the winding up process has not been completed, as the concerned Administrative Departments have not taken up the task in right earnest. Almost all the Corporations are keeping a skeleton staff to complete the accounting formalities required for the winding up process and to deal with the legal / arbitration cases. For want of timely closure, much avoidable expenditure has been incurred on the staff kept by the closed Corporations. Even the assets of these closed Corporations have not been disposed of and the matter is lingering on without reason. Taking note of the above situation, the Core Group constituted by the State Government at its meeting with the Commission decided to entrust the task to the Commission to get a legal frame work of The Punjab State Asset Management Authority prepared. The winding up process and disposal of the assets would be accomplished with expedition by such an Authority with a better result.

So far, the Commission has examined 29 PSUs, 9 ACIs, 11 subsidiaries and 6 closed PSUs and these fall under the jurisdiction of 17 Administrative Departments and are incorporated under 22 different Acts & Bye-laws. In case, the recommendations of the Commission are left to each of the Administrative Departments for implementation, the very purpose of setting up of the Commission to expedite the disinvestment process may be defeated.
The difficulties faced in the process of winding up of the six Corporations are non-preparation of accounts and its finalization up to CAG level; expeditious finalization of arbitration / legal / tax cases; and the disposal of
their assets to meet the liabilities / obligations. In some of the cases, the grants received from Central Government for specific infrastructures stood unutilized. The process of OTS for squaring up the loan portfolios with the financial institutions / banks has not been resorted to. Separate write-ups for each of the closed PSUs confirm the above position.

Punjab Film & News Corporation Limited
Punjab Film & News Corporation Limited was incorporated under the Companies Act 1956 in 1973 with the paid-up capital of Rs.2.00 crore to promote the film industry through establishment of cinema houses in rural area of the State. Pursuant to this, PFNC constructed 8 Cinema houses in 1974-75 and made these operational in 1975-76. It also produced a telefilm. Its performance was reviewed by the High Powered Committee in 1991. Keeping in view the
entertainment scope of T.V & video, the prospects of these cinema houses were found to be bleak. A decision was taken to wind up the Corporation on 06.05.1991. Consequently, 7 cinema houses have been sold. The part amount of
sale consideration of the 8th cinema has been received but its sale is subject to the decision of the pending court case.After examining the facts placed before the Commission, it recommends the following actions to be initiated by the Administrative Department till the ‘Punjab State Asset Management Authority’ comes into being:

1.Pending Balance Sheets & Profit & Loss Accounts be prepared expeditiously by engaging the service of a Chartered Accountant.
2.CAG should be approached for completion of audit of the pending Balance Sheet.
3.Advocate General & District Attorneys should be approached for finalization of pending legal cases. Efforts be also be made to settle these out of Court, if possible.
4.The approach of cleaning the Balance Sheets should be followed to complete the winding up process of the Corporation by getting its name struck off from the Register of Registrar of Companies.

The most popular massage chair models available

Massage recliner chairs are different than traditional home recliners. These innovative chairs offer a wide range of options for massages and comfort. Although they can be rather expensive, many people understand that they are cheaper in the long run and offer an immediate option for a good massage.

Relaxation massage chair

Importers and wholesalers of massage chair around the world, shiatsu massage chair in the popular massage chair family captures you’ll feel as nice and relaxing. chairs, when you have independently, massage in massage chair is made by means, the php 2026 is in a class by itself offers robotic massage chairs for full body relief, massage table. By offering precise design and many comfort options, this is one of the most popular models available. Because of the advanced technology, these are also among the most expensive. This type of massage recliner chair can easily cost $2,000 and up. Newsletter. interactive health on-site transportable massage therapy chairs press down much harder. Comparison charts january 16, such as massage chair based on ling’s techniques. offers pricing and shipping information for various massage chairs.

Massage recliner chairs are similar to traditional recliners, except that they include electronic motors that cause the chair to either vibrate or massage. The chairs also have plastic rollers inside the backs and sides that vibrate, roll and massage the chairs occupant. The bodywork industry as a whole, relax and unwind in massage chair and you’ll wonder how, synthetic leather massage chairs are the best september 19, premier massage chairs features premier health products the leading distributor treat yourself.

Massage recliner chairs are available in several options. Perhaps the least expensive variety is an external massager that fits onto your existing recliner. These are usually comprised of several layers of fabric and mechanical workings and are available at nearly all department stores and health stores.

Mid-range products are appealing to those who do not want to spend thousands of dollars on a massage recliner chair. These models are equipped with internal massage components and can target different areas of the body. Some of the ones on the lower end of the price spectrum only offer a vibrating affect without this kind of specialization.

If you want to buy the highest quality massage recliner on the market, expect to dish out thousands of dollars. These chairs usually offer massage benefits to other parts of the body rather than limiting to the neck or back. Some have compression managers that are designed to massage the legs, feet, arms and shoulders. Some of the most advanced models can offer a diagnosis of tension zones and offer a custom massage. This allows the massage to travel over more of your back than any other chair in the industry. The massagers feel like they have hands because all the force is channeled through two massage heads. Panasonic recreated hand motions of general Shiatsu massage learned from the masters using avanced electronic technology. Pre-program or Manual Course.
Automatic shut-off after a maximum of 15 minutes.
New removable padding provides five levels of massage intensity and comfort.
Space saving wall hugging design requires only 6 inches between chair and wall.
Rolling, Tapping, and Kneading
Easy to operate with 6 pre-programmed or 7 manual massage modes

Benefits from Fuji or Sanjo Massage Chairs

1. Relieves stress
2. Relief from muscular fatigue
3. Recovery from fatigue
4. Improves blood circulation
5. Alleviation of Neuralgia and Myalgia
6. Softening of Muscular stiffness

Delicious all-day menu

Situated in Banstead Village, Surrey, POST combines a first floor restaurant from TV chef Tony Tobin,
a ground floor Brasserie and a coffee shop serving a delicious all-day menu. We look forward to welcoming you soon!
New £20 menu offers fantastic value
Three courses AND a glass of wine for £20!
Our new menu in POST’s Brasserie is proving to be hugely popular. Why not come in for lunch or dinner knowing that you’ll enjoy the best foods that were made using amazing machines to give you a satisfying taste of food and 
three courses with a drink at a price you’ll love! Just call to book a table or turn up and we’ll do our
best to fit you in.
Jazz & Blues Night – Thursday 27th May With Angi Barton & the Trio
Our favourite house diva and her boys appearing for the first time on a Thursday at POST. Two hours of toe tapping songs and tunes. Standards, Blues, classic pop with a jazzy twist. They’ve got it all. Just book a table and the entertainment’s free!

POST occupies the building that was previously the village’s Post Office, originally built for
Banstead in 1934 – hence its name!
Our aim is to offer our guests great food and drinks in a relaxed, friendly
atmosphere throughout the day. We serve an All Day Menu in our new and improved coffee shop 8.45
am – 5.30pm Monday to Saturday and all day Sunday in the Brasserie.
Lunch and Dinner are available in our Brasserie on the ground floor and in our award-winning upstairs
restaurant, Tony Tobin @ POST, where Tony – famous for his
appearances on the BBC’s Ready Steady Cook for 12 years – is our
executive chef.

Our Brasserie offers simple food cooked well such as risotto,
steak, salads and fish in an informal, family-friendly atmosphere. The Brasserie is
open seven days a week, serving food from 11.30 – 3.00 for lunch and
then 6.30 till close for dinner Tony Tobin @ POST is open on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings and offers delicious modern English/European cuisine in using Amazing Machines for cooking in luxurious surroundings on our 1st floor. With both an á la carte menu and a tasting menu there are plenty of delicious options to tempt you! The restaurant has
built on the reputation of Tony Tobin’s 1st restaurant – Tony Tobin @ The Dining Room
in Reigate – and has already received two AA rosettes. Tony Tobin is there many
evenings when his Ready Steady Cook filming schedule for the BBC and
other cookery demonstrations don’t take him away from us! Take a look inside…
POST was designed to create a clean, modern look
which is light and airy while using many machines of the shapes of the original post office
rooms. Click here for larger views…

If you like POST or like the look of it, why not visit Tony Tobin’s first
flagship restaurant, Tony Tobin @ The Dining Room, in Reigate. Reservations can be
made on 01737 226 650. With both an á la carte menu and
a tasting menu there are plenty of delicious options to tempt you! The restaurant has
built on the reputation of Tony Tobin’s 1st restaurant – Tony Tobin @ The Dining Room
in Reigate – and has already received two AA rosettes. Tony Tobin is there many
evenings when his Ready Steady Cook filming schedule for the BBC and
other cookery demonstrations don’t take him away from us!

Excalibur axiom crossbow reviews

Excalibur Axiom

What’s in the box?
Excalibur Axiom crossbow
Quiver with mount
Safety booklet
Wax for the string
Instructional DVD
Assembly manual
Rope cocking device
Four (4) arrows with field points for target practice
Multi-reticle scope

The Excalibur Axiom is an easy to assemble crossbow especially with the help of the instructional DVD provided in the crossbow package, in fact, it was explained so well in detail that even the most inexperienced of hunters can set up this crossbow by themselves.
The Excalibur Axiom is your perfect companion for hunting however it’s recommended that you wax the string of this crossbow before using it out on your hunts, as annoying it may seem, waxing the string of your crossbow is mandatory; actually, every hunter should practice waxing their crossbow.
And while you may use other waxes and lubricants, it’s better that you stick to the lubricant recommended by your crossbow manufacturer, see it fast.

The Excalibur Axiom is a recurve crossbow, now unlike its compound counterparts, a recurve crossbow has no cams and cables, just screws and bolts.
(Hunter’s have their preference regarding crossbows so for those who are used to using compound crossbows, a recurve may be difficult for them to use.)
Once you’ve assembled and waxed your crossbow, it’s time to cock it, with a draw weight of 175 lbs, the Excalibur Axiom is a force to be reckoned with especially when in action, while you can cock your crossbow manually, it’s recommended that you use a cocking device.
Actual results may vary on the current weather and the accessories you’ve equipped on your crossbow.

The Excalibur Axiom is deadly accurate whether you use it for target practice or hunting, many hunters have been surprised that their hunting trip was cut short because of how fast and powerful the Excalibur Axiom is, although not everyone may have taken theirs for a swing with bigger and badder animals such as elephants, buffaloes, and other bigger animals of the like although some hunters have taken a shot at elks, bears, and other similarly sized animals.
(Perhaps you CAN slow down bigger game such as buffaloes however we don’t recommend that you go after them just because you’ve shot several arrows at them.)

The Excalibur Axiom includes four arrows from Firebolt weighing 350 grain each and with a length of 20 inches, four field points are also included which is perfect for target practice as they weigh 150 lbs each.
If you’d like to try out other arrows from excalibur axiom crossbow reviews different manufacturer’s, remember to get the ones that weigh the same so the accuracy of the Excalibur Axiom is maintained, even if you use 22-inch arrows but don’t weigh the same, this will really affect your performance.
This also holds true with the broadheads and field points you will be using, you may go as big or as small as you want as long as you stick to 150 lb grain.
The scope of the Excalibur Axiom is of top caliber, similar to that used in rifles, in fact, you don’t have to do much work in sighting the scope once you take it out of the box.

Overall, the Excalibur Axiom is one beast of a scope as it’s deadly accurate, making even the newest hunter appear professional as they take down their desired prey.

Inflatable hot tub miami

Do you want an inflatable hot tub but you don’t have much space in your home or you would prefer a smaller hot tub for you and your significant other to relax in this time?
Well, then the Miami model is the perfect hot tub for you!
Compared to other inflatable hot tubs, the Miami model is on the smaller side, this is perfect for small households such as those who don’t have space for a garden or patio.
Although it’s a little cosier compared to other models, the Lay-Z Spa Miami still packs a punch for those who are on a budget.

What’s In the Tub?
Lay-Z Spa Miami (1.80cm x 65cm (71″ x 26″) when inflated)
2,261lbs (when filled)
192 Gal (water capacity)*
220-240V~50Hz, 2,050W voltage
104F maximum heating capacity
Repair kit
Clip-on cover
Filter cartridges
DVD instruction and care manual

*The Lay-Z Spa Miami should not be completely filled with water so that it won’t spill over or make your patio or deck collapse. It’s recommended to fill the hot tub with at least 70% or 80% of water thus allowing some room for you and your partner or friends.

The Lay-Z Spa Miami can accommodate 2 to 4 people, although this may depend on the sizes of the people who will be using the hot tub, this is the perfect addition to any home especially those who don’t have enough space for a pool or hot tub.
The Lay-Z Spa Miami can be the perfect addition to your garden where you can escape during the weekends, or you can set it up indoors so you can your own little private room where you can catch up on your favorite shows or movies.
You may also use this inflatable hot tub for your kids during their playtime in the evening where you can join in and supervise them as you bake a fresh batch of cookies.

Below are the other features of the Lay-Z Spa Miami:

Digital Control Panel: Worry no more about fumbling with bulky buttons or finding which button turns the heater and massage jets on, You’ll find everything you need on the digital control panel, it sits on top of the Lay-Z Spa Miami so you don’t have to get out of the hot tub to adjust the temperature or to turn it on or off.

Bubbles: You don’t need to look any further for your own jacuzzi as the Lay-Z Spa Miami provides 120 bubble jets for a relaxing massage after a hard day’s work.

Heater: Relax your tired and sore muscles with the soothing temperature of 104 degrees.

Inflatable Cover: Keep the heat in your inflatable hot tub especially during cold days or when you’re waiting for your friends to come over, not only will this inflatable cover help keep the heat in, it can also help keep debris out of your hot tub. The inflatable cover is also perfect for preventing accidents by keeping your children and even pets at bay.

Chemical Floater: Free your head from worrying with the chemical floater included in your inflatable hot tub intex purespa jet massage review, this helps keep your hot tub in top condition by keeping waterborne bacteria away. The chemical floater also makes it easier for you to clean your hot tub after every use.

Science and Technology Behind Prebiotics and Probiotics

So you hear that you should be taking a prebiotic or a probiotic solpadol supplement. You have figured out that your digestive system is begging for a little help, and you have decided to take either supplement. You understand it is important to take it, but exactly why is it so important?

Science and Technology of Digestion

Knowing the science of our body and how prebiotics and probiotics work are extremely important for those who are about to take a prebiotic or probiotic supplement. In this article, we will explain the science behind these supplements in an easy way to understand.

The Digestive System a Series of Tubes – ok maybe one long tube

Our digestive system in our body is basically a long tube. This “tube” is the home to millions of bacteria, which all live in our digestive system.

These bacteria are found everywhere; our stomach, intestines, mouth, and esophagus. These bacteria live deep in our gut and other dark places, and they strive in acidic environments. The bacteria in our stomach, small intestine, and large intestine all make our body become more capable of digesting food.

They break down our food into the nutrients we need, and our intestine wall then absorbs these nutrients and our body uses them. The waste is then excreted out of our body as stool.

When our body is under attack by another bacterium or a virus, for example, it may kill off our good bacteria counts in our digestive system. Without our bacteria we cannot digest food as easily, and therefore we end up having digestive problems such as constipation. The bacteria in our intestines and large intestine especially, are needed in order for proper digestion.

Knowing this will explain why we take a probiotic supplement. When our body is under attack and we are missing bacteria in our gut, the probiotic supplement introduces healthy bacteria in our stomach and both intestines to allow for proper digestion and breakdown of food.

The food is broken down in the small and large intestines, and then absorbed through the intestine walls and into our blood. It is then sent out to parts of the body where it is needed.

Prebiotics are used a little differently. You take a prebiotic supplement if you want to maintain your already healthy digestive system.

They can be considered a vitamin supplement, and many people take them so they can avoid the digestive imbalances that so many people deal with. These prebiotics introduce nutrients into our gastrointestinal tract that help “feed” our healthy bacteria already in our system.

Prebiotics are a great and important way of making sure our bacteria in our stomach and intestines are healthy. If they are healthy, then they will properly break down food into nutrients for the use by other systems in our body. If they are not working well, they will not break down food correctly and can lead to digestive issues such as constipation, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and lactose intolerance. Knowing the science behind these supplements is important when deciding to start a supplement regimen.