Science and Technology Behind Prebiotics and Probiotics

So you hear that you should be taking a prebiotic or a probiotic solpadol supplement. You have figured out that your digestive system is begging for a little help, and you have decided to take either supplement. You understand it is important to take it, but exactly why is it so important?

Science and Technology of Digestion

Knowing the science of our body and how prebiotics and probiotics work are extremely important for those who are about to take a prebiotic or probiotic supplement. In this article, we will explain the science behind these supplements in an easy way to understand.

The Digestive System a Series of Tubes – ok maybe one long tube

Our digestive system in our body is basically a long tube. This “tube” is the home to millions of bacteria, which all live in our digestive system.

These bacteria are found everywhere; our stomach, intestines, mouth, and esophagus. These bacteria live deep in our gut and other dark places, and they strive in acidic environments. The bacteria in our stomach, small intestine, and large intestine all make our body become more capable of digesting food.

They break down our food into the nutrients we need, and our intestine wall then absorbs these nutrients and our body uses them. The waste is then excreted out of our body as stool.

When our body is under attack by another bacterium or a virus, for example, it may kill off our good bacteria counts in our digestive system. Without our bacteria we cannot digest food as easily, and therefore we end up having digestive problems such as constipation. The bacteria in our intestines and large intestine especially, are needed in order for proper digestion.

Knowing this will explain why we take a probiotic supplement. When our body is under attack and we are missing bacteria in our gut, the probiotic supplement introduces healthy bacteria in our stomach and both intestines to allow for proper digestion and breakdown of food.

The food is broken down in the small and large intestines, and then absorbed through the intestine walls and into our blood. It is then sent out to parts of the body where it is needed.

Prebiotics are used a little differently. You take a prebiotic supplement if you want to maintain your already healthy digestive system.

They can be considered a vitamin supplement, and many people take them so they can avoid the digestive imbalances that so many people deal with. These prebiotics introduce nutrients into our gastrointestinal tract that help “feed” our healthy bacteria already in our system.

Prebiotics are a great and important way of making sure our bacteria in our stomach and intestines are healthy. If they are healthy, then they will properly break down food into nutrients for the use by other systems in our body. If they are not working well, they will not break down food correctly and can lead to digestive issues such as constipation, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and lactose intolerance. Knowing the science behind these supplements is important when deciding to start a supplement regimen.

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